The 1 Liter iSi Profi is truly a state of the art whipped cream dispenser. This particular model is used by Starbucks exclusively (normally the 0.5L size). Featuring 100 percent stainless head and body, a rugged steel charger holder, head with protective silicone grip and removable stainless steel valve for easy cleaning.
ISI has been producing cream whippers for over 50 years; the quality, integrity, and attention to detail is reflected in all of their products. This is compatible with all of the iSi accessories including the injector needles, the iSi stainless nozzle, and the silicone tips and gasket.
Weight: 0.48 kg
With a 100 percent stainless steel head, this cream whipper is dishwasher safe (however we suggest you hand wash). This unit requires two cream chargers to operate, and all of the chargers on our site are compatible.